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Excelsior Legal arranges International Wills under common law, civil law and shariah law.

Wherever you are based in the world, you will need a Will to help pass on your wealth to your loved ones after your death. If you own immovable assets abroad such as property, then a Will specific to the country in which the assets are situated is nearly always required. If you are UK domiciled but with movable assets abroad such as a bank account, then a UK Will may ensure that these assets are included under UK laws rather than the laws of wherever those assets are based.

We offer personal and bespoke services for clients worldwide to protect themselves and their loved ones’ assets in the UK. We help ease the burden of dealing with the financial complexities left after a bereavement through effective Will writing and the preparation of trusts.

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Will Writing & Estate Planning

Ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes.

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Trusts & IHT mitigation

We can advise on and provide a full range of Will trusts.

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Start your will today

Making your Will is easier than you think and starts with filling in our Wills questionnaire.

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We provide services for:

 • Expatriates
 • Non-UK trusts & offshore companies
 • Non-UK domiciled but UK-resident clients
 • Non-UK domiciled clients

There are many reasons why you should write a Will

 • Leave your estate to the people that matter to you
 • Appoint your own executors, trustees & guardians: people that you trust
 • Save your loved ones time and money
 • Reduce your inheritance tax bill

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